• "I was desperate and alone...you gave me a home."

    We need your help to transform lives from vulnerable to vibrant.

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  • Transforming Lives from Vulnerable to Vibrant

    How we turn today's hope into tomorrow's strength

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  • Why Partnerships Matter

    How community partners turn today's hope into tomorrow's strength

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What We Do

Volunteers of America Southwest provides education, behavioral health, housing, and veterans services to over 8,000 children, adults, and families annually in San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial Counties.

How Your Contributions Matter

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    Who We Are

    Our mission is to inspire hope through our ministry of service by providing individuals and families with tools to improve their quality of life. Our vision is a safe, healthy, and productive community where families are strengthened and people live with dignity.

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    Our Services

    Each year, Volunteers of America Southwest serves over 8,000 individuals, children, and families in the areas of education, behavioral health, and housing. Our programs offer assistance in San Diego County, Imperial County, and Southern California’s Inland Empire.

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    Media Updates

    Check out Volunteers of America Southwest's latest news and media engagements! From vulnerable to vibrant, we transform lives and turn today's hope into tomorrow's strength.

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    Careers & Volunteers

    Vulnerable has many faces – a family member, a friend, a neighbor. Volunteers of America's goal is to help create a path to a more vibrant, productive, and purposeful life. Supporters like you have helped to co-create thousands of life-changing success stories.

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    Donate Today

    Join us in our mission to turn around the lives of those in our community who need it most! With your generous donation, you can give hope to a veteran struggling with PTSD, provide a child the education they need to succeed, or transform the life of an individual suffering from addiction!

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    Contact Us

    Still have questions? Whether you need more information about our programs or want to explore collaborative partnerships with our organization, you can reach us by phone or email. We're also on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

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  • 40,000

    On a single night in January 2016, state and federal agencies reported an estimated 40,000 homeless veterans.