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Volunteers of America Southwest Previews 19th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic on NBC Video

Volunteers of America Southwest on NBC Discussing their 18th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic

On September 14, 2017 CEO Gerald McFadden joined NBC7 to discuss our 18th annual celebrity golf classic.

KVYE Univision Covers MediExcel Donation to Ballington Academy

Ballington Academy for the Arts and Sciences was the beneficiary of a $5,000 in-kind donation from MediExcel Health Plan, a California HMO specializing...

2017 – Why Partnerships Matter

"MediExcel Health Plan is a California-licensed HMO. We specialize in cross-border healthcare, so we have a number of partnerships that we are involved in with the community, because it's very important to us to be active or to give back in the communities that we serve. Volunteers of America has a number of broadly reaching programs for underserved populations in southern California..."

2017 – Natalie's Story

"I moved out here when I was 18, 19. Childhood was a little bit rough. My parents were not really around me a lot. I ended up being alone a lot, and that kind of hurt me a little bit. In some ways I was craving the attention from my family but I never really got it. When I moved out here and I had my daughter, I had a lot of issues with her dad. He was very controlling and physically too."

2017 – The Lives We Change

"I first came across Volunteers of America 22 years ago at the 10-day program on Island Street in San Diego, and I was a resident of the 10-day program. They provided a place for me at a stage in my life to lay a new foundation and reset a course for the direction that my life was headed."

2017 – One Last Thank You

"My name is Daniel Torres. I myself am a 33-year meth addict who has now been clean for 6 years and a couple of months now."

CW 6 - Volunteers of America Southwest Works to End Veteran Homelessness

Volunteers of America Southwest, a local nonprofit, works to end veteran homelessness. (Aired on 02/09/17 at 4:30 p.m.)

A Message from the CEO: The Awesome Impact of our Work

Vulnerable has many faces – a family member, a friend, a neighbor. Volunteers of America’s goal is to help create a path to a more vibrant, productive and purposeful life. We have helped co-create thousands of life-changing success stories. Let Volunteers of America be that gateway, transforming vulnerable lives to vibrant ones.