Meet the Team

  • Gerald McFadden

    President / CEO

    For the last 34 years of his career, Gerald McFadden has been with Volunteers of America. Gerald’s vision and steady leadership garner him great respect. So much so that, in 2016, Gerald was nominated and became a finalist as one of San Diego's Most Admired CEOs by the San Diego Business Journal. Gerald considers Volunteers of America Southwest his "family" and prides himself on our responsibility to serve, teach and help mend lives. P: 619-228-2048 E:

  • Marie McKenzie

    Chief Operations Officer

    When we say that Marie helps bring it all together, we mean it. With leadership over the day to day operations within the programs, Marie is the go-to person for all the details. And she really knows her stuff! With over 35 years of service to Volunteers of America Southwest, Marie is invaluable in making sure we achieve a high standard of excellence within our programs and in the care we provide. P: 619-228-2057 E:

  • Jim Miller

    Chief Financial Officer

    When it comes to the numbers, Jim Miller is “the man”. With an absolute attention to detail, Jim and his staff make sure that all dollars are accounted for. As such, Volunteers of America Southwest is efficiently operated under Jim’s financial guidance. A little bit of trivia about Jim – he saw Elvis in Vegas at the International Hotel. P: 619-228-2041 E:

  • Doreen Mulz

    Division Director, Education and Social Development of Young Children

    Under Doreen's leadership, the growth of the Educational and Social Development program at Volunteers of America Southwest has exploded. With a loving heart, Doreen's focus is always on those in need (animals and humans). Her commitment and dedication to quality education consistently takes our educational and social development programs to new heights. P: 619-228-2054 E:

  • Mary Lubey

    Division Director, Behavioral Health Services

    Mary started as an intern with Volunteers of America Southwest and now we can’t imagine what we would do without her as the Division Director of Behavioral Health Services. It’s an exciting time for Mary and an exciting time for us to have her in a leadership role. Everything Mary does, she does with her full focus and extreme capabilities. P: 619-228-2051 E:

  • Brad Bianchi

    Director, Mission Advancement and Communications

    Brad Bianchi joined Volunteers of America Southwest in 2016 as Director of Mission Advancement and Communications. Brad is the proud parent of four great kids. (Don’t get Brad started talking about his kids!) Brad's role is to insure all donors feel part of the Volunteers of America Southwest family and understand our mission and dedication to the community. P: 619-228-2049 E:

  • Jennifer Julich

    Executive Assistant and Corporate Office Manager

    Jennifer comes to Volunteers of America with over 20 years of experience supporting C-Level Executives and managing day to day office operations. Born and raised in New York City, Jennifer learned early on in her career the key to success is hard work, passion, commitment and knowing there is no job to big or small when it comes to her supporting role. Jennifer has a desire for technology and enjoys bringing technology and creativity together. Outside of the office, you can most likely find her at a Girl Scouts event or a kid’s birthday party, Jennifer has three beautiful daughters that are her greatest blessings. P: 619-228-2048 E:

  • Reverend Everett Lundgren


    What can we say about “Rev Ev”? Everett serves as the Chaplain of Volunteers of America Southwest and works with clients, volunteers, and staff. For some, he's a spiritual guide. For others, he's the friendly face to talk to when times are tough. Throughout, he is the man who keeps us focused on our faith-based mission. P: 619-282-8211 ext. 2060 E:

  • Chris Gardner

    Director, Culinary Management

    Chris Gardner does an amazing job as Volunteers of America Southwest’s Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Management. Chris leads a top-notch staff that prepares an average of over 1560 meals per day to our clients, partnering organizations and businesses, and catering events. With past experience as a chef in some of the city's finest restaurants, he brings his culinary expertise to the kitchen daily. Chris makes sure every meal is healthy and delicious. P: 619-791-2729 E:

  • Mike Burreece

    Director, Treatment and Rehabilitation Services

    After 27 years with Volunteers of America, we know a couple of things about Mike. In addition to being highly dedicated to those in his care, Mike loves the outdoors and San Diego. His passions range from classic cars to gardening and surfing. He’s a well-rounded, sincere and dependable guy who takes a genuine interest in every person who walks through the doors of his programs. P: 619-232-7754 E:

  • Philip Lucero

    Administrator, Imperial Manor Skilled Nursing Facility

    Philip runs our Imperial Manor Skilled Nursing Facility – and boy does he do it well. When he’s not at the facility, you’ll most likely find Philip seated behind a fishing pole or traveling the globe. He’s caught fish that most of us only dream of, including tuna. In his spare time, he’s also a pretty accomplished chef. P: 760-355-2858 E:

  • Paula Jones

    Program Manager, Rialto Preschool

    When the young students look up at Paula, they see an educator who cares about getting them off on the right start. As Program Manager for our Rialto Child Development Center, Paula has done an amazing job. She’s also a highly diverse proud grandmother of five who enjoys swing dancing and spending time with her military family – including a son in the Air Force. P: 909 562-0901 E:

  • Aly Bright

    Associate Director, Development

    Aly is always right on message. She never waivers in her mission to get the word out and to help the public understand the work Volunteers of America Southwest does in our community. She loves befriending anyone and always keeps a happy attitude. She’s also a pretty tough girl – practicing Muay Thai Kick Boxing in her spare time. P: 619-228-2046 E:

  • William Anderson

    Principal, Ballington Academy for the Arts and Sciences- El Centro

    When it comes to running a “student focused” atmosphere, there are few better that Bill Anderson. Bill’s quick wit and dedication to the learning atmosphere have made him a favorite with students, parents, and staff. Bill’s leadership has taken Ballington Academy higher and higher in the rankings. P: 760-353-0140 E:

  • Christine Esquer

    Community Administrator, Cambridge Gardens Senior Housing

    As manager of the Cambridge Garden Senior Housing community, Christine's attention to detail and concern for those in her care have earned her the Excellence in Housing award for 2015. Christine leads a team of highly dedicated and caring staff. P: 951-353-7701 E:

  • Micah McFadden

    Community Administrator, Palomar Apartments

    They should call Micah the "turnaround kid". As the Community Administrator for Palomar Apartments, Micah's leadership has completely revitalized the apartment community and led to him receiving the Excellence in Housing award in 2015. Micah has a hands-on approach and treats all residents as family. P: 619-426-6303 E:

  • Bruce Pinney

    Program Supervisor, Carlton G. Luhman Center

    Bruce has devoted the bulk of his career to Mental Health Services. There are few who put as much heart and soul into their work. Bruce recently oversaw the total installation of all bedroom furnishings at the Luhman facility while juggling his obligations to his residents and staff. His attitude and focus never waivers as he insures quality services for all those in his care. P: 619-447-2428 E:

  • Lizbeth Quiroz

    Program Manager, Hawley Veterans Services Center

    As a Marine Corps veteran herself, Liz is one of the most dedicated people we know when it comes to veterans issues. With all she has on her plate, Liz still finds time to run marathons and volunteer in the community. Liz believes in standing up, giving back, and getting others back on their feet. P: 619-561-9808 E:

  • Pamela Thomas

    Program Manager, Renaissance Center

    Pam is a proud grandma of four, a line dancer and a singer. As if all that is not enough, she still does an amazing job as a Program Manager at the Renaissance Center. After over 8 years with Volunteers of America Southwest, we know one thing about Pam- she always has a friendly smile and a contagious laugh. P: 619-791-2730 E:

  • Holly Tracy



    P: 619-465-8792 E:

  • Paul Houston

    Program Manager, Residential Multi-Service Center

    Paul is a proud father of two wonderful children. His passions include serving in spiritual leadership and playing basketball. As a manager and direct service provider. his goal is to motivate and empower spiritual wellness and healthy development for individuals, families, and the community. P: 619-791-2300 E:

  • Wendy Marquez

    Program Supervisor, Early Head Start- El Centro

    Wendy's Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree is put to good use in her role as the Early Head Start Program Supervisor in El Centro, CA. Wendy ensures the implementation of quality early education programming and the development of positive relationships with the children, parents, and families in the community. She is also a mother of three adorable children. P: 760-353-0140 E:

  • Maxine Kibble

    Job Readiness Coordinator

    Maxine has been with Volunteers of America Southwest for four years and is the Job Readiness Coordinator for the Renaissance Treatment Center. Maxine helps her students increase their skill level in computer software and hone their interview techniques to get back in the job market. She is a former New York Alvin Ailey Modern Dancer, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and an advanced PsyD student in clinical psychology. When she is not on the job working passionately to help her students find work, she enjoys gardening and watching old black and white movies with her husband. P: 619-791-2730 E:

  • Teresita Nelson

    Program Manager, Supportive Services for Veteran Families

    Teresita has a heart for people. She admires the devotion and service our US veterans have rendered. She counts it an honor and pleasure to assist homeless veterans with accomplishing the stability and success in the next phase of their lives. P: 619-415-5551 E: