Staff Spotlight: Reverend Everett Lundgren

For all those who know him, there is only one Rev. Ev at Volunteers of America Southwest and we are blessed to have him as part of our family. Our Chaplin for over 4 years, Reverend Everett Lundgren is a prime example of someone who loves their job and where they work.

His love for the clients, staff, and volunteers who make up our organization is apparent in not only his words, but his actions. He serves as a resource for all branches of the organization, available to talk to in moments of crisis, times of transition and development, and whenever you just need some added positivity in your day. Instead of saying he works on ministry development and the well-being and spirituality of clients and staff, his formal position description, Rev. Ev defines his job so: "I am here to take care of you and those we serve and help you become successful."

"Volunteers of America is home and I am honored to work with the staff here," Rev. Ev explains. "I am driven by the results and lives I see changed by the most phenomenal ministry and social service organization." He is invested in the results seen in a young child's future by receiving needed attention during development, or a life turned around by someone facing their addiction in a supportive environment. This is why Rev. Ev has found multiple ways to give back to Volunteers of America Southwest and leave a legacy that extends past his time at the organization. He aims to continuously support the life-changing work that happens here every day.

Not only does Ev contribute in-kind gifts and fundraisers, he supports the organization by giving a percent of his paycheck as a sustained gift and he has recently decided to name Volunteers of America Southwest in his will. "I invest in what I believe and I believe in the vision and leadership of Volunteers of America," says Rev. By giving through a legacy gift, Rev. Ev will be a part of every life changed at Volunteers of America Southwest for many years to come. "I give from a blessed heart so blessings can be given to others."