Holy Week 2018

It is Holy Week, the week that we commemorate the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Holy Week is a special time for organizations like ours. Here at Volunteers of America Southwest, we look at this time as a chance to remember the second chances we've been given. Our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and saved us in the process. When he was resurrected and given his second chance, he ensured that his followers would spread word of the good news.

When we are given a second chance, we have to know when to take it. Whatever our setbacks in life may be, whether it's financial trouble, addiction, homelessness, mental health problems; whatever our setbacks are, it's important to remember that a setback is always a setup for a comeback.

At Volunteers of America Southwest, we like to think we work in the second chance business. So this week, as we celebrate and spread the good news, remember to think about what is on your unfinished business bucket list, and what you may be waiting for a second chance to finish.

This morning, we kicked off our Easter celebration with a morning service at East Village Community Church. Thank you to Pastor Dorance Aldridge for hosting us and for the Liberty Temple Worship Choir for providing us with beautiful music! Here are a few photos from the service.