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Before entering Volunteers of America Southwest's treatment program, Alicia was homeless, addicted to drugs, and had spent time in jail. Dealing with a chronic illness, abusive relationships, and addicted parents, her life started to spiral out of control at the age of 13. She admits, "If I was still out there using, I would have killed myself or over dosed. I wouldn't be here right now, I know that for a fact."

Many vulnerable individuals like Alicia enter our programs lost and struggling for guidance. They come in with diverse personal accounts of their struggles and battles, and we are proud to help them each step of the way as they fight for the healthy and happy future we all deserve.

Stories like Alicia’s are due to supporters like you!


We hope you will consider being a part of lives like Alicia's in Volunteers of America Southwest's programs this holiday season. With your generous contribution, you can change lives and create futures:

$25 gives a young child a backpack and supplies

$50 provides a night of room and board for someone struggling with mental illness in our Luhman shelter

$100 purchases monthly bus passes for two disabled veterans

Please join us this holiday season in transforming vulnerable lives, one donation at a time.

For more information about how to get involved and give please contact Mr. Brad Bianchii.
Phone: 619-228-2049
Fax: 619-282-1300