A Message from the CEO: The Awesome Impact of our Work

Dear Supporter,

I am often in awe when I stop and think about the amazing work done by each of the programs operated by Volunteers of America Southwest, and the extraordinary work performed daily by the outstretched hands of the employees and volunteers that make up this organization. Whether those outstretched hands are helping to reassure a homeless veteran that we will stand beside them as they begin a new chapter of their life, helping to inspire persons with addiction challenges so they are able to imagine new possibilities for their life, or helping a family with a special needs child regain hope and confidence that their child will receive the attention they need to thrive. These are the types of outstretched hands that meet, greet, uplift, and assist everyone who comes through our doors.

By giving the best we can each day and doing the small but special things that make a difference, each of us helps to transform lives from vulnerable to vibrant. However it is you support Volunteers of America Southwest, you ultimately share in helping change the lives of vulnerable children, struggling seniors, homeless veterans, and adults with addiction and mental health challenges, and that is awesome.

I believe that we have all been placed on this earth for a purpose greater than ourselves, and we have a responsibility to leave this life having made it better than when we arrived. Volunteers of America Southwest gives each of us a place where we can be a source of hope for those who have broken spirits, those who have taken a wrong turn, or those whom life has dealt a difficult blow. Let us always remember... to someone who is vulnerable and ready to give up on life, our outstretched hands may represent the ray of hope and the life-line needed to turn that life around.

Unless we attempt to undertake more than we think we can possibly do, we will never do all that we are capable of doing. Let us together extend our outstretched hands, do some small but important things to help others, give them the best we have, then let God do the rest…. To my Volunteers of America family, you are awesome!



Gerald McFadden, President & CEO

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