Voice America- Leadership Matters


Volunteers of America Southwest President/ CEO Gerald McFadden hosts Voice America- Leadership Matters on the third Wednesday of the month at 2pm PST.


Leadership Matters, the forum of choice for current and emerging public and nonprofit leaders. Co-hosts Dr. Sheryl White, Linda Shoob, Gerald McFadden, Undraye Howard, Tom Woll, and Rehana Absar along with their guests explore practical tips for issues management, human capital strategies, and improving leadership effectiveness. Leadership Matters, your forum for Informing Leaders. Inspiring Solutions! See more at Voice America - Leadership Matters

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April 15, 2015 "The Biggest Issue Facing Faith-Based Leaders: Change!" Podcast: Here

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July 15, 2015 "The Affect of Women and People of Color in the C Suite" Podcast: Here

August 26, 2015 "Special Encore Presentation: Reflections on Failure: 'Always' Succeed at Your Own Risk" Podcast: Here

September 23, 205 "Social Enterprise as Innovative Solutions for Transforming Communities" Podcast: Here