2017 – Why Partnerships Matter

In our most recent TV ad, Marketing Director Anthony Llompart of MediExcel has this to say about MediExcel's partnership with Volunteers of America Southwest:

"MediExcel Health Plan is a California-licensed HMO. We specialize in cross-border healthcare, so we have a number of partnerships that we are involved in with the community, because it's very important to us to be active or to give back in the communities that we serve. Volunteers of America has a number of broadly reaching programs for underserved populations in southern California, and it's very important at MediExcel Health Plan that we get involved in the communities that we serve, and we believe every company should be of service."

When we were planning out this ad, we wanted to highlight not only why partnerships matter, but how companies like MediExcel make a difference through their partnerships. In an interview last year, our CEO Gerald McFadden said, "MediExcel is really setting the gold standard for what partnerships should look like, working with the not-for-profit sector and being vital in their work together."


MediExcel first partnered with Volunteers of America Southwest in 2014 when they were a Title-level sponsor of our 15 th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic, a major fundraiser benefiting our education, housing, and behavioral health programs. Over the years MediExcel's sponsorship has made a difference in the lives of our community's homeless and disabled veterans, adults with addiction and mental health challenges, struggling seniors, and young children with unique needs.


We at Volunteers of America Southwest think the biggest reason that MediExcel supports our life-changing programs and services is because service lies at the core of the company's identity. MediExcel is on a mission to improve the health of Southern Californians – and as a result, the company also seeks to better the communities where they live, seeking partnership opportunities that give back to the communities they serve. Such partnerships contribute to a company's identity, and a culture of community responsibility. When employees see MediExcel active in neighborhoods, they know they're working for an employer that's vested in the community, and demonstrates that those communities matter.

In an interview last year, Anthony Llompart said of us: "Volunteers of America has such a broad reach across communities, helping in so many different ways, that no matter what cause a company wants to get behind, they can find a way to get involved with their community through Volunteers of America."

We are grateful to MediExcel for their kind words – and proud to be partnered with a company that places a high value on service to their community.

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